Benefits of fitplus exercise bike

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 Benefits of exercise bike

    In addition to the prone position, half of the total amount of blood in the lower limbs, the characteristics of the human blood circulation, the process of venous blood flows back to the heart is completed by the muscle contractions. Every movement of the legs is like to squeeze the blood to the heart. So it has been described that the legs’ muscle contraction is equal to massage the heart.

◎ Free riding ease the pressure - you can choose an unlimited time and intensity, the main purpose is to relax the spirit, relax the muscles, take a breath, so as to ease the pressure caused by the physical and mental fatigue effect.

◎ Intensity riding to control the cardiovascular system - such as a pulse rate of 120 beats per minute to ride 30 minutes

◎ The pulse intensity to control the riding speed - such as a pulse rate of 120 beats per minute to ride 30 minutes, by this way will stimulate the heart maximally, can effectively exercise the cardiovascular system.

◎ The intermittent riding to train the cardiopulmonary function - specific approach is the speed of alternating riding, such as to ride slowly in first 5 minutes, then faster in next 5 minutes. Repeat these ridings few more times. This method can effectively to train a person cardiopulmonary function.

◎ The aerobic riding at medium speed - generally ride for about 30 minutes, this exercise should also pay attention to strengthening deep breath, have effects on weight loss, and improve cardiopulmonary function at the same time have a good effect.

◎ The force type riding to ride up and downhill - can effectively improve the legs’ strength and endurance qualities, also the prevention of the generation of femur iliac disease.

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